HABLA & Interpreter Qualification

hablaThe Hispanic Assistance and Bilingual Language Access (HABLA) project supports the capacity of South Carolina Department of Social Services caseworkers by interpreting phone calls and translating documents. This is especially important as DSS, like all agencies that receive federal funding, is required by law to provide effective communication for people with Limited English Proficiency.

On a typical month, HABLA interprets 4400 calls for DSS staff and translates 4350 documents such as notices, emails, letters, pamphlets, and court orders.

The HABLA Call Center is open 8:00 am–5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

HABLA has a diverse team of highly qualified translators and interpreters:

  • HABLA has in its employ most of SC’s American Translator Association (ATA)– certified translators, ensuring the delivery of a high quality product.
  • HABLA’s team comprises approximately 25 interpreters/translators who are tested, trained, and specifically qualified to meet the needs of the diverse groups of Spanish speakers served by DSS.

HABLA has provided services to DSS, DHEC, DAODAS, the Department of Education and others.

Interpreting Services

You can reach the Habla Call Center's interpreting services toll free at 1-866-238-3187.

The Center also manages the Interpreter Qualification Project, which trains and tests interpreters. This includes testing prospective DSS employees who apply as bilingual workers. These state-contracted interpreters offer in-person interpretation seven days a week, as scheduled by DSS employees.

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