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Collaborative Response to Crime Victims in Urban Areas The Center conducted the needs assessment and evaluation of this program, which linked faith-based organizations and victim service programs in five high-crime urban neighborhoods to better serve victims of crime.

Development of a Victim Service Coordinating Council In South Carolina, The Center, in contract with the state Office for Victim Assistance, helped established a coordinating council with the capacity to accomplish broad systemic reform.

Ethics in Victim Services This curriculum can be used to train a diverse group of victim service providers and managers from community and public organizations about ethical issues they may encounter.

The National Victim Assistance Standards Consortium NVASC, an ad-hoc group of victim-service experts, has put together Standards for Victim Assistance Programs and Providers, which is available to the public.

Poly-victimization of Girls Referred to the Justice System In an extension of our previous study of incarcerated women, we surveyed girls in the juvenile justice system to examine the relationship of victimization and service use to girls' delinquency or crime.

Voices Ignored This training package, which includes a video and CD-ROM, helps victim advocates and law enforcement work with people with developmental disabilities who have been sexually assaulted.

Violence in the Lives of Incarcerated Women Center staff interviewed women in prison and analyzed the data to trace the impact of violence on women’s involvement in crime.

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